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Our work comes from years of experience in the music industry. This project was created to unite the various artistic references in the world to create new ideas and artistic experiments and music. Our life is MUSIC

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If you're an artist and you want to get into the music business as a producer, do not hesitate to contact us by sending your demo to the page, clicking this button ..

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You are already a producer but would like to advertise your project?

Our group provides several tools of advertising, Those social networks with banner and visual dedicated pages targeted to the exclusive distribution of the product and the radio network.

Recent Posts

January 29

Dreams Happens - Nick Martira - Mode Recordings

Nick Martira makes a return with a smooth selection of cuts mess with some elements of style funky house thrown in for good measure - deep, very addictive and gritty , with a mix of courtesy tribal house that serves slammin interpretation dancefloor dynamics Joe Martinez Mix.

January 22

Turn Around - Joe Martinez - Mode Recordings

Previously released on vinyl limited , and now finally on digital . A single from the hands of Joe Martinez who is also the head of one of those big labels called Mode Recordings . 2 large and spectacular mix . One of them is a remix of head label Mode Recordings.

January 02


Returns the duo Nimas Groove , this time for massive sounds offer the best of their sound proposal for X/One Recording the second version of the beat deep tribe and warm , or rather the Nck Mix.


Neural Implant Advertising

Main advertising channels

the main and fundamental part of our team about the line advertising, unlike the social network that now dominate the world of the web, we also have the web station channel as the main part, one of the closest to our group is the new live channel "Housevolution Station" which broadcasts from Est England,. Some of its programs and also managed and operated by us; Slave to the Rhythm with Joe T Vannelli, Dreams Highway and the airing of music promo.